Capture your next event in high definition with multiple cameras and crystal clear audio.

Conference and Event Videography

Has your company’s events team just spent months coordinating the most incredible conference to showcase their product or industry impact? Perhaps you’ve put together an inspiring, motivational event for your staff, distributors, top sales teams or other key influencers? You’ve hired the best motivational speakers, the room set-up will be on point and the energy in the room will be electric? Wouldn’t you like all of this to be captured for the future?

Event video productions can be a very effective tool for your business, both in the form of future marketing for your next conference and as a great event recap tool for prospective clientele showcasing key elements. From documenting presentations to creating a highlights clip and even broadcasting live, Trending Media Australia will take your event from the venue to the small screen. Contact us today for a custom quote for your next conference or corporate event.

Live Event Filming

We specialise in recording conferences for clients. Our experienced team can capture your next live conference in high definition with multiple cameras and crystal clear audio.

Live Streaming

Trending Media Australia offers live HD webcasts so that you can connect with your audience in real-time regardless of their geographic location.


Your event is a great opportunity to get video interviews with attendees, speakers and employees. We’re adept at interview techniques designed to draw out valuable testimonials, sound bites and relevant comments.

Recap Videos

All presentations and activities at your event can be edited into a highly produced video that takes a retrospective look.